150px-Durer Young Hare

The Young Hare. Made by Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Dürer (May 21 1471-April 6 1528) was a German painter in the 16th century. He also did printing with copper prints and wood cuts. When he printed with copper he put the copper on wet cotton paper. The picture was engraved in the copper. He put paint on it and he would put it on a press and smash it with 1 ton of pressure. The copper could be used 80 to 160 times. When he used the wood it wasn’t put under the press, instead it would be pressed with his hands. 

He was born and died in Nürnberg.  He was the first artist to ever paint a picture of an animal or nature. When he was 13 he did his first self-portrait of himself. He died of malaria. He had it for 7 years before he died.