Alexander Sizonenko (born Alexander Alekseyevich Sizonenko on 20 July 1959 in the village Zaporizhia, Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, died in St. Petersburg 5 January 2012) was a giant, measured at 239 centimetres (7 feet 10.1 inches), and a former Soviet basketball player. He was said to still be growing when this measurement was taken. He formerly played basketball for the Soviet Union but because of his enormous growth his mobility was increasingly impaired. He received an offer from plastinator Gunther von Hagens for his body but he declined the offer. He played professionally for Spartak Leningrad (1976–1978) and for Budivelnyk Kyiv (1979–1986). Alexander Sizonenko was also a member of the Soviet national team and appeared on its behalf for 12 games. The last years of his life he lived in Saint Petersburg
Alexandersizonenko (55)-1

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