The blackbustercritic by jaminthedeviant-d4qbdzn

BlackBusterCritic's face

Jamin Billiams known by his YouTube name The BlackBusterCritic is a ranter and commentator who did videos on multiple subjects, such as certain fandoms and gaming.


Jamin's claim to fame on YouTube started from when he debated an infamous YouTuber at the time LifeInATent, who was criticized at the time for his video called "thumbs up for epic earthquake". He later became well liked by many in the YouTube Community. However he was criticized by some for being a "bully" and some have made videos on him. LightSpeedDash has deleted videos on his old channel but he has been able to reupload all his videos.


He has gone through several accounts on YouTube

Account Information Status
BlackBusterCritic The first account of BlackBusterCritic terminated
BlackBusterLibary An Archive Account, for archiving certain videos. terminated
BlackBusterTV terminated
TheBlackBusterShow terminated
BlackBusterShow BlackBusterCritic's current account Active

He also had a twitch account that was taken down, along with a few accounts on devianart. Has another twitch, but unknown if he has a new deviantart yet.

Series he has:

  • Sonic Brainfart: His most famous series: he talks about certain fans in the sonic fandom that are disliked by many. There are many videos in this series that are lost. Yet many of his fans have been able to recover some of these lost videos.
  • Other videos: He does other videos on his channel, some are misc rants on some YouTubers such as either popular YouTubers that are disliked a lot or some other stuff such as decisions gaming corporations make.
  • Anti-Xbox 1 News: A series he makes dedicated to poor decisions Microsoft makes with the Xbox 1.