Brittany Venti is a former Twitch and now Hitbox streamer.


Brittany Venti started streaming around October 2014 as LolipopNinja. Her viral reputation started around 2015 due to how she reacts to famous memes such as Sanic the Hedgehog, Ayy lmao and John Cena. She was banned from Twitch 3 times. The first time being from showing a strip club in Grand Theft Auto V, and the other times coming from how she responded to the trolls. After her bans, she made videos saying that "she was banned unfairly". She eventually moved to Hitbox.


Despite being viral, people thought of her as being a troll, in a similar vein to another streamer known as KaceyTron, who behaved in a similar way. Brittany Venti has often denied similarities to KaceyTron.

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