Henry laurens former president of congress tower of london
Henry Laurens (March 6, 1724 - December 8, 1792) was an American politician who served as President of Congress during the American Revolution, and under the Articles of Confederation. However, as he was not President under the Federalist Constitution he is not considered the first President of the United States of America. Henry Laurens was a planter from South Carolina who owned the largest Slave-trading House in North America (Austin and Laurens), in the 1750s alone his firms would sell over 8,000 slaves. He was Vice President of South Carolina for a time, and during a diplomatic mission to the Netherlands was captured by the British, and held in the Tower of London. He latter died on his estate, and was cremated in 1792.


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Eleanor Ball, wife

John Laurens, eldest son

Henry Laurens, Jr., son

Mary Laurens, Daughter