Joan Riudavets (b. December 15, 1889–d. March 5, 2004) was a Spanish supercentenarian and the oldest verified man
 ever in the history of Spain. He was born in Minorca. He became the oldest recognized living person in Europe following the death of Italian Maria Teresa Fumarola Ligorio in May 2003, and the oldest recognized living man in the world following the death of Japanese supercentenarian Yukichi Chuganji in September 2003. At age 113, he was the oldest man ever to accede to that position. Riudavets is one of only four men in history who have undisputably lived to age 114 or more. Joan was from Menorca, Spain. Joan has the unofficial record for the oldest biker, being able to bike at 110. He worked as a cobbler before retiring in 1954. He had an eye operation at age 108 for cataracts. He apparently had almost 12 hours of sleep, going to bed at past midnight and waking up before noon. Joan's mother died in December 1889, the same month he was born, setting him the unofficial record of years outliving one's parent (114).

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