Joseph "Joe" Jagersberger aka Racine Joe (Born Febuary 14, 1884; Vienna, Austria - Died October 5, 1952; Racine, Wisconson) was an Austrian-American race car driver who would latter design cars for the Ford Motor Company. Joe was born in Vienna to a baker. After attending an equivalent to highschool, his mechanical prowess landed him a seat next to Carmelle Janatzy as drive mechanic.

His early race career in the United States is vaguly known. He competed in the first Indianapolis 500 in car 8, a ford production. He made great head way, till a wheel knuckle fell off his car, causing a wreck. At this time Ray Harroun preformed a driver exchange, and managed to win the inagurational Indy 500 of 1911. At the time this caused controversy as to weither or not Ray actually won the race.

That same year, Joe was in another accedent, this time in Columbia, South Carolina. The injury sustained brought about the amputation of his left leg, ending his racing carreer.

Joe would go on to design a number of Ford Models.

  • Model 30 (Manufactured in 1919 and featured 4 exhaust ports and 1 intake all on the right side of the head)
  • Model 31 (Manufactured in1920 and featured 2 intakes on the right and 4 exhaust on the left this head was discontinued in 1924. This was the cylinder head that Noel Bullock used to win the 1922 Pikes Peak race).
  • Model 35C or "Improved Rajo Valve-In-Head" (Manufactured 1921 and featured 2 intakes and 3 exhaust ports on the right side. After 1924 this head was known as the Model C.Model A-4 Valve "F" head 2 exhausts on the right side of the head, used the stock intake ports in the block.
  • Model B, BB & BBR (Manufactured 1923 and featured 2 intakes on the right and 4 exhaust on the left side of the head. There are three versions of this head. The BB had higher compression. The BB-R had high compression and two plugs per cylinder).
  • RAJO / Gallivan DOHC (Manufactured 1924 and featured a double overhead cam head. This was sold to Jack Gallivan who modified it to produce the Gallivan DOHC. Joe Jagersberger also sold Gallivan a single overhead cam Chevrolet conversion. Later in 1925 or early 1926 Joe redesigned this head and produced at least one DOHC Rajo that aforementioned Russell Trudell raced with some success.

Joe owned a service station in Racine, WI by the time of his passing in 1953.