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John Aasen, (b. March 5, 1890 – d. August 1, 1938) or Johan Aasen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and died in Mendocino, California, United States. He was one of the tallest actors in history. His mother, Kristi Danielsen, supposedly was an extremely tall Norwegian lady of around 220 cm (almost 7 feet 3 inches) in height. But there is no evidence of this. Later information seems to suggest she was 188 cm. tall. It is not certain who his father was, because his mother kept it a secret for her entire life. According to some sources, his father was Nils Janson Bokke, a Swedish man of around 2.44 m (8 feet) tall. According to Aasen, his grandfather was Henrik Brustad.

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