Lifeinatent (real name: Brian Martin) is a former YouTube parter, vlogger and video maker. He gained infamous attention after he made a video on the 2011 Japanese Earthquake where he exploited the disaster by infamously saying "Thumbs up this video for epic earthquake", and was notorious for committing fraud as well as doxing other users, sending death threats to those that called him out on his insensitive and immature behavior, and including misleading thumbnails on many of his videos.


In 2008, Lifeinatent made a YouTube video where he promoted a website known as Pays4ever, which was widely considered a pyramid scheme since cash gifting was a common activity, which was illegal since it is a fraud, yet somehow, Lifeinatent was never arrested since cash gifting was against the law.

The channel "Lifeinatent" was created in 2010, and after a series of spamming and fighting with YouTube along with help from fans and friends, he was given his YouTube partnership.

On March 11th 2011, when an earthquake struck Japan, it was estimated to be a magnitude of 8.8-9.0. Lifeinatent made an update video discussing the event where he was ignorant to the whole story and posted links on the video's description discussing the event. The video immediately gains a massive amount of negative attention when Lifeinatent said "Anyway uh, thumbs up this video for epic earthquake". So many people flagged and made videos ranting on Lifeinatent, even when the video went viral.

Lifeinatent made an update in response to the negative attention from the "Earthquake video" where he only showed how insensative he was when he made more weak excuses for his actions and offensive comments against Japan. Fed up with his tomfoolery antics, the BlackBusterCritic challenged Lifeinatent to a debate, where Lifeinatent constantly got off topic and brought up very irrelevant points regarding his behavior, resulting in him losing the debate.

The Lifeinatent channel was eventually terminated by YouTube for "violation of community guidelines" along with many other accounts created by Brian Martin (even the accounts he created after Lifeinatent's channel was closed, including LifeInATentTV), thus ending his YouTube partnership. In 2014, Martin and Marko Princip got into legal trouble after committing fraud in 2012 when they both kept avoiding payments and gave control of a channel known as VideoGames to a child. Brandon Keating and David Moss won the lawsuit and Martin and Princip had to pay $20,000,000 in damages.

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