Maria Redaelli-Granoli (b. April 3, 1899 – d. April 2, 2013) was an Italian supercentenarian.
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Redaelli was born on April 3, 1899 in Inzago, near Milan in the region of Lombardy. She married Gaspare Granoli and the couple raised two children, Luigi and Carla. She worked in a silk spinning mill for almost 40 years while her husband was a steelworker in the Breda Industry, in Sesto San Giovanni, where they lived. After 1974, Redaelli moved to Novate Milanese and lived with her daughter's family who still cares for her now. She is in good health, clear headed, quite active, and she can still walk. Although she has some problems with sight and hearing, she reads newspapers and magazines every day and follows on TV her greatest passion: her favorite football club, Inter F.C. On 13 April 2012, she celebrated her 113th birthday with a big party organized by her town, Novate Milanese, with the help of Inter City Fan Club. She was driven by a police car (Italian Police phone number is 113) in the center of her town where she was welcomed by the Mayor Lorenzo Guzzeloni and celebreted by all citizens. Bedy Moratti, sister of Inter F.C. president Massimo Moratti, and Ernesto Paolillo, Inter F.C. chief executive officer, took part in the party to give Redaelli a special shirt and the best wishes from the team.

As of March 2013, Redaelli has 1 living child (aged 88), 2 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

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