Susannah Jones


July 6, 1899


May 12, 2016

Susannah Mushatt Jones (July 6, 1899 - May 12, 2016) was an American supercentenarian, who at the age of 116 was the oldest living person in the world, and the 10th-oldest person ever. On June 17, 2015, upon the death of Jeralean Talley, she became the oldest living person. She passed away in 2016

Susannah Mushatt was born in Lowndes County, Alabama on July 6, 1899. Her parents were sharecroppers who farmed the same land as her grandparents (one an ex-slave). As a young woman, she worked in fields but she was determined to escape that hard existence. On March 4, 1922, she graduated from the Calhoun Boarding High School and was accepted to Tuskegee Institute's Teacher's Program. However, her parents did not have enough money to pay for her college, so in 1923, she moved to New York during the early stages of the Harlem Renaissance. In 1928 she married Henry Jones but the marriage did not last long, saying that she "didn't know what became of him," and she had no children. She worked for wealthy families taking care of their children until she retired in 1965. During this time, she supported many of her relatives as they moved to New York.

She was blind, partially deaf, and used a wheelchair.

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