Where's George? (web adress is a website that tracks the natural geographic circulation of American paper money. Its popularity has led to the establishment of a number of other currency tracking websites (of which Where's George? remains the most popular by far), sites that track other objects—such as used books—and it has been used in at least one research paper to provide statistical patterns of human travel in the United States. The site's creater, Hank Eskin, founded the site on December 23, 1998. The site's name originates from George Washington, the person on the $1 bill. The site allows the tracking of $1 bills as well as $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills. The most popularly entered bill is the $1 denomination, followed by the $20.

The site does not allow bills older than Series 1963.


When a person enters a bill onto Where's George?, it automatically enters their database. A person may either find a "wild bill", one which has already been entered and marked, or be lucky enough to have their bill re-entered, which is known as getting a "hit". A "bingo" is a term "Georgers", or users of the site, use to describe combinations of bills with hits. For instance, an "FRB bingo" is a bingo in which bills from all 12 Federal Reserve Banks have had "hits". Georgers increase the probability that their note will be reported by stamping on the note, encouraging people to visit the website. Bills which are not marked but are entered into the database and spent are referred to as a ghost/natural/stealth George. If a bill entry violates the established rules of "natural circulation" (e.g., a user has found the same bill twice, a user has had more than 20 bills wind up with another user, et al), it is flagged as an "alternate entry". The site does not encourage the defacement of U.S. currency.

George Score

The "George Score" is a method used by Where's George? to rate users based on how many bills they have entered and how many hits they have received.

George Score

Wattsburg Gary has the highest George Score recorded, at 1,697.42 as of September 2013. He also is the only person to ever enter 1,000,000 and later 2,000,000 bills. Gary has entered almost 2.2 million bills.